Amanda Campbell

Director of Clinical Services

Amanda is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#50600) who has worked with children and families for over 20 years. She loves working with parents and caregivers to better understand their child. As a working parent with two children, Amanda knows how hard it can be as parents to juggle all the various competing needs for your time and energy. This can be especially hard if your child has a hard time listening or it feels like there are tantrums every five minutes. Amanda works to help parents and caregivers to have more joy with their children, to support families to enjoy their time together.  

Amanda works to honor diverse family structures and aims to support caregivers dealing with infertility, pregnancy loss or those becoming parents through non-dominate pathways. She fully endorses and embraces the Diversity Informed Tenets for work with infants, children, and families. It is her goal to bring these values into the support she provides for families.

Amanda's CV