We offer small, play-based social skills groups where kids gain confidence in interacting with their peers. They explore resiliency-building play topics, practice interactions with others, work on resolving conflicts and managing big emotions. Neurodiverse kids in particular can benefit from facilitated peer interactions and play but neurotypical kids who may be "slow-to-warm", shy or with limited peer exposure are also encouraged to enroll. 

Our social groups are inclusive and tailored to meet the needs of each child enrolled.  All our early-intervention services are child-centered, inclusive and play-based, rather than behavior modification or ABA.  The strategies we use focus on building your child's confidence and self-acceptance rather than teaching them to fit in or mask how they feel.  

We can offer convenient, site-based groups for preschools, childcare programs or parent groups at your location. We can also arrange small groups of 2-4 children at our center, ensuring a good match for your child. Schedule an informational call with us to discuss your needs and see if a social skills group would be a good fit.  

We accept both private pay and reimbursement through the Regional Center (for clients 3+ enrolled in the Self-Determination program). Sliding scale may also be available.