Dr. Sarah Wheeler
Collaborative Partner

Dr. Wheeler offer’s educational consultation to families to support: 

Assessment Questions: 

  • Decide whether or not you need an assessment, and think about the pros and cons of different assessment options. 

  • Process and understand assessment results and get practical ideas from assessments. 

School Collaboration: 

  • Navigate schools supports, including 504 and IEP plans, and school placement options. 

  • Advocate for yourself and promote self-advocacy in your child. 

  • Collaborate effectively with teachers and schools. 

  • Understand and review IEPs and school reports.

  • Attend IEP and other school meetings to help you ask important questions and digest information. 

Developing Support Systems: 

  • Find good providers who fit your family and child and have availability. 

  • Set-up a support system and team with good communication and collaboration. 

Learning and Shifting Perspectives: 

  • See the big picture and plan for a range of long-term outcomes for your child.

  • Understand neurodiversity and disability 

  • Communicate with your child and others about your child’s differences. 

  • Become empowered in your role as parent. 

You can Dr. Wheeler about consultation here.